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How To Chart

Charting takes time and practice, but how do you make sure you are doing it right? This presentation describes the best practices for charting to ensure you get the most out of Curl Coach.

How To Chart

Shot Targets

Shot targets have been part of Curl Coach for some time, but not all coaches take advantage of them. This short presentation covers the many benefits of including the shot target when you chart.

Once you start using them, you'll never go back!

Shot Targets

Pace Of Play

In version 3.1 Curl Coach added automatic tracking of pace of play. With no extra effort on your part, data on how long your team and the opposition team is taking to play is captured. The insights you can get from this data is invaluable.

Learn more in this presentation.

Pace of Play

How To Score a Curling Shot

With version 2.4 Coach added the ability to automatically set the score for a curling shot. Curl Coach implements a set of rules for deciding how to score a shot as detailed here.


Get Curl Coach 2

Okay, I can’t sell it here, but you can get it on the App Store. all you need is an iPad (anything except the iPad 1) including the iPad-Mini, running iOS 7.0 or later.

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Curl Coach CSV Reference

Curl Coach Support exporting of Competition data to a CSV file for import into many popular spreadsheet. Build your own custom data queries and reports by mining the data you are charting. For a complete reference to the CSV file layout, download this file.

Curl Coach CSV Reference

Behind The Numbers

Want to know how Curl Coach gets its numbers? Here is an overview of how the various stats are computed.

Curl Coach Behind The Numbers

The Value of Charting

Why, as curling coaches, do we chart our teams? Download this brief slide deck that gives an introduction to the value of charting including how Curl Coach can help.


Curling Drills Handbook

This useful resources in included in Curl Coach 1.1, and is based on a set of drills compiled by OCA coaches John Rudd and Sean Turrif. It includes over 40 drills many with variations on how to use them with less experienced teams, and a cross reference to let you quickly find drills for specific skills.

Curling Drills Handbook

True North Bill’s Curling Blog

Bill Tschirhart is the author a “A Pane In the Glass: A Coaches Companion”, as well as a blog by the same name (Bill is also a Curl Coach users). His blog is well worth bookmarking.

A Pane In the Glass: Blog

Curl Coach 2 Users Guide

It comes with Curl Coach 2, but for those of you who are curious, here is the User’s Guide to the latest version of Curl Coach.

Curl Coach 2 User's Guide

Curl Coach Users Guide

The users guide for the original Curl Coach. It comes with the app, but for historic purposes and for those of you who are curious, here is the User’s Guide to the latest version of Curl Coach.

Curl Coach User's Guide