The easiest to use and most feature rich application for managing a curling team. Click on the subjects below to learn more about each.


It all starts with charting games. Curl Coach provides a fast way to capture everything that happened creating a solid foundation for coaching your team.


By tracking the intended target, broom and stone motion for each shot, Curl Coach lets you see what the skip asked for and what actually happened.


Beyond just shooting percentages, Curl Coach uses all of the charted data to be able to analyze shot selection, inside-out vs. outside-in, shooting based on turn and broom location and even tolerance.


With pre-built reports and a real-time interactive dashboard you are never more than a couple of taps away from deep insights into your teams strengths and weaknesses.

Drills & Practices

With over 40 built-in drills and the ability to plan and run practices, Curl Coach helps you turn insight into development and results.

Animated Replay & Live Straming

Curl Coach supports fully animated game replay so you can have those meaningful warm-room discussions. LiveStones streaming allows you to share that same experience live and after the game, on any modern web browser.


With features like import / export, Venue management and a wealth of customization options Curl Coach has something for every coach.

"There are many areas in which I find this app to be superior to others but the major one is that it caters to all levels of coaches/teams from novice to elite.

(It is) easy to use during the games and a wealth of information afterward.

(It is) a relief from the years of pouring over written charts and scribbled notes.

I can not only replay an animated view of each shot during the game but I can also get a detailed text log including any notes that I have added as well as a host of other stats and data."

- Colin Sinclair, Certified Level 3 Coach and Learning Facilitator with the Ontario Curling Association

Used by the Swiss National Women’s teams at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, and to win the Gold Medal at the Ford World Women’s in 2014, 2015 & 2016, as well as Rachel Homans team in 2017.