Below is a sample of the features that help you develop your team.


Drill Handbook

  • Over 40 built-in drills.
  • Includes sheet diagrams, required equipment, time, target skill level and other abilities.
  • Use the provided drills or tweak them drills to suit your players.
  • Create your own drills and share them with other Curl Coach users.
  • Create drills handbooks in PDF format.

Plan & Run Practices

  • See where you team misses and filter drills to show those that target your areas for growth.
  • Run practices with timers to keep you on track.
  • Record practice observations, scores and deliveries.
  • Generate practice reports with historical graphs.
  • Generate practice plans with notes pages following the NCCP certification template, including drill details and facility EAP.

"Whether for use in training the WC team or In my Learn to Curl League, weekly, I use the dill content of the application. Having all these drills at my fingertip is worth their weight in gold.."

- Susanne Martin, Wheelchair Coach and Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator with the Ontario Curling Association