Curl Clocks for iOS®

Pace of play is a topic that all curlers talk about, but there has been little in the way of tools to help coach teams to improve their pace and learn to play to competition times... until now.

Curl Clocks is a fully customizable competition clocks tool that also includes the ability to analyze the time your team is spending. When coupled with a game charted in Curl Coach you can match up long thinking times with the decisions being made. Look at problems with pre-shot routines and target changes that will help a team play on-time without feeling rushed.


Start from one of the 4 built in game types

Customize almost any setting and save as a preset:


  • Number of ends
  • Timed or open end breaks
  • Thinking time
  • Extra end thinking time
  • End break time
  • Mid-game break time
  • Extra end break time

Team Information

  • Team Name
  • Team Colour (from 6 options)


  • Number of regulation timeouts
  • Number of extra end timeouts
  • Timeout length
  • Fixed coach delay, or timeout starts when coach arrives
  • Near and far coach walkout times

Everyone Can See

Let your athletes practice with a real thinking time clock display.

iPad Display

  • BlueTooth paired to the "controller"
  • Displays thinking time remaining
  • Displays available time outs
  • Displays hammer
  • Displays time "Ahead" or "Behind" the clocks
  • Displays timeout and end break status

Big Screen Display

  • Connect with an HDMI cable
  • Connect wirelessly with AppleTV
  • Displays everything except ahead/behind
  • Matches WCF competition clocks


  • Team vs. Team Thinking Time
  • Team vs. Team Average End Time
  • Team vs. Team Banked Time
  • Team Thinking Time vs. Banked Time

For iPhone and iPad running iOS version 9.3 or later

Timing Results

Get graphs of the timing data to zero in on issues and fixes.

Time Per Shot Average End Banked Time

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