LiveStones by Curl Coach

New with version 3.0 of Curl Coach will be the ability to stream games to the web while you chart.

How It Works

This powerful real-time technology will take the shots as you chart them, and send them to the LiveStones servers in the Cloud. Your fans connect to select the game they want to watch, and stream the game live to their web browser or mobile device.

Other than indicating that you want to stream the game over LiveStones, there is no change in how you chart. Just track the shots as normal and LiveStones will do all of the work. You can even share an entire completed game after it has completed so that fans can replay their games at their leisure.

What is Shared?

Everything the coach enters while charting, with the exception of shot notes (those remain private) is available on the web. The shot target, broom position, how the rocks moved, as well as the shot type, turn, difficulty, score and any miss data.

Live Chat

LiveStones includes a chat feature that allows your fans to talk to each other during the game. As the coach, it is quite possible that you don't have enough time to follow along (or comment), so LiveStones keeps chat out-of-the way. Participate if you wish (or you have time), Ignore it if not.

What Does It Cost?

Unfortunately the infrastructure to run LiveStones comes with some overhead, so to offset that there will be a charge to user LiveStones. The price will depend on what country you live in, but it will be quite reasonable. The plan is to include 3 options. The lowest price let's you stream 2 games, enough for a one day spiel. The next option let's you stream with 5 game, enough for a weekend speil. The final option let's you share as many games as you want for a full year.

WiFi or Cellular

We recognize that not all curling clubs have reliable WiFi, especially during important events. For this reason LiveStones's was design to minimize the about of data transmitted to the servers. A LiveStones game is less than 200 kB of data. By comparison, a typical song in iTunes equivalent to roughly 50 LiveStone's games, so go ahead and tether to your phone, LiveStone's won't eat your data plan.

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