Charting take time and focus. Curl Coach goes out of its way to make charting as easy as possible.

While charting, Curl Coach is constantly analyzing all aspects of the shot and calculating many of the key scores for you, see the details below.

The Coach is Always Right

For all of the automatic charting options listed below, Curl Coach will never override a value entered by the coach. For example, If you set the score for a shot, Curl Coach will disable automatic scoring until the next shot. Also all of the automatic charting options can be controlled in Curl Coach options. Now let’s take a look at what Curl Coach can do...


The first thing you chart for a shot is the target of the shot, that piece of ice that the stone is supposed to finish on, or an existing stone that is going to be hit. Based on the location of the target, Curl Coach will place a broom on the ice in roughly the right spot. Drag the broom to the correct location and you are ready for the throw.

Shot Type

Based on the shot target, Curl Coach can make a first assessment of shot being called. As you drag the stones around to show what happened, Curl Coach will refine this assessment, always on the assumption that the shot was made.

Turn & Difficulty

Based on the shot type and the motion of the stone, Curl Coach can set the difficulty and turn of the shot, leaving you to get on with scoring and observing the game.


Curl Coach uses the shot type, and shot target and applies a set of standard rules to determine the score for the shot. This is not always perfect, so from time to time you may need to adjust the score.

Miss Reason

In a very small number of cases, Curl Coach can preset the miss reason, however Curl Coach will automatically show the Miss Reasons form for any shot whose score falls below the threshold that you set. There are two different miss reason panes, a “simple” one with fewer options for less experienced teams, and a more complete one with a full menu of options. You can also disable automatically showing the Miss Reasons form for the opposition stones.