Strategy Book

Curl Coach 2's Strategy Book provides a place to capture those 'teaching moments' that happen during a game. You can take any shot in a game you have charted and copy it to the strategy book. The shot that was called is attached to the situation as the first 'tactical response' to the situation and then add other tactics as you like.

New with Curl Coach 2 is the 'Strategy Time' situation generator that can quickly generate random situations that can form the basis for discussion. Create random in-game situations and interactively discuss how to respond to them with your team.

Some of the features that help you drive the "strategy discussion".

  • Animated strategy board with support for multiple "what if" scenarios.
    • Capture situation from real games or create your own
    • Include multiple strategic responses to each situation
    • AirPlay Strategy Situations to TV Out for group discussions.
  • Track the shot that was asked for and what actually happened.
    • drive impact discussions
    • talk about alternate shot selection
    • discussions around the “good miss”
  • Assign colour tags to situations and filter by tag.
  • Sketching tool to annotate the situation, just like on TV.
  • Key shots highlighted during game replay to enable quickly finding the shots with strategic significance.
  • Miss Response brackets make it easy to see where the opposition team missed and what your team did about it.
  • Export strategy book situations in handout format.

"My overriding comment is always how “all encompassing” Curl Coach is. It’s not just stats (now there’s an understatement). The fact that a coach can use Curl Coach for literally all record keeping is its most outstanding feature."

- Bill Tschirhart, Canadian National Senior's Team Coach