Below is a sample of the features that help you drive the "strategy discusion".

  • • Animated strategy board with support for multiple "what if" scenarios.
    • Capture situation from real games or create your own
    • Include multiple strategic responses to each situation
  • • Track the shot that was asked for and what actually happened.
    • drive impact discussions
    • talk about alternate shot selection
    • discussions around the “good miss”
  • • Sketching tool to annotate the situation, just like on TV.
  • • Key shots highlighted during game replay to enable quickly finding the shots with strategic significance.
  • • Miss Response brackets make it easy to see where the opposition team missed and what your team did about it.
  • • Export strategy book situations in handout format.

"My overriding comment is always how “all encompassing” Curl Coach is. It’s not just stats (now there’s an understatement). The fact that a coach can use Curl Coach for literally all record keeping is its most outstanding feature."

- Bill Tschirhart, Canadian National Senior's Team Coach